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Hope After Abortion

Not everyone who has had an abortion will struggle with that experience. However, if you do, Pregnancy Care Center’s Journey program provides a confidential opportunity for those with a past abortion - walking together toward hope and healing. This is an avenue to receive help in a group setting, led by a woman who has also had an abortion experience. This can be very helpful if you have any regrets about your decision. Our experience, in working with many people over the years, is that a past abortion can sometimes affect a person’s self-worth and cause relationship issues.

If you are looking for hope in the midst of your struggles, we are here to help. Please call (541) 479-6264 or email to connect with us.

There is also an opportunity for men to connect with a male mentor through Journey, since men also often struggle with dealing with the aftermath of an abortion in their lives.

“There was no way I felt safe revealing my shameful past. This was a safe place where everyone’s confidentiality was respected an honored.”  - Journey Participant

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