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Choosing Parenting

Most parents would say that choosing to parent their child was the right choice for them and more rewarding than they could have ever imagined. However, most also felt unprepared for the challenges they faced and didn’t know where to turn. You are not alone! We help new parents (both mom and dad) evaluate their circumstances and develop a plan to meet their needs. Our staff will provide support and help connect you to the resources you need to be ready to parent.

If you're unsure of whether or not you're currently pregnant or would like to speak with a registered nurse about your options or situation, make an appointment with our medical team by clicking below. 


The Pathways Program at Pregnancy Care Center is designed to help you navigate the transition to parenting and to help you become the parent you want to be. Free education, support, community resource information, and our Baby Boutique will help ensure you have what you need. Make an appointment to get started by calling (541) 479-6264 or email


“The education I received helped me to be more prepared, encouraged and happy. The overall experience was the best part.” - Makeyle

“My visit was very informative and helpful. It put my nerves at ease!” - Destini

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