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Sexual Health Education for Students

The mission of Epic is to empower students to use decision-making strategies to make healthy choices about sex, relationships, and abstinence. The compass in the logo represents how we realize a one degree change in our course can lead to an "epic" destination in life. Epic school presentations are entirely funded through Pregnancy Care Center and offered to the schools at no cost.  

“I liked the whole abstinence-based curriculum. It’s not a view that’s presented often, but you did a great job.” - Hidden Valley, 12th grade

Epic Program Information

Epic is an interactive program providing critical-thinking and decision-making skills, guiding students to make healthy choices about sex, relationships, and abstinence.  Pregnancy Care Center of Grants Pass has been presenting abstinence encouragement programs in middle and high schools in Josephine and Jackson County since 2003. Since 2013, we have been presenting Epic, our revised program, in local schools. It is a realistic, interactive, and optimistic program designed with one goal in mind: empowering students to make decisions now that will lead to epic futures.

The objective is to empower students with healthy decision-making strategies, especially pertaining to sex and relationships, through critical thinking skills, goal-setting, and character development as a holistic approach to abstinence encouragement.

Epic also informs students about how sexual decisions may impact their health by including an optional presentation on STIs and STDs. All medically relevant information comes directly from the Centers for Disease Control, our medical directors and licensed nursing staff.  While addressing the potential risks of early sexual activity is important, our approach is equally focused on having an intentional life plan and encouraging students to make decisions about sex and relationships that equip them to lead an epic life.  

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