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I'm Pregnant - Now What?


You Have Options.

If you're pregnant, there are options available to you. Pregnancy Care Center is here to walk with you while you make decisions regarding your pregnancy. We can offer you a pregnancy test and a limited ultrasound exam if you have a positive pregnancy test at Pregnancy Care Center and you are far enough along in your pregnancy. 

“The education I received helped me feel very informed and supported. The best part of my experience was the respect from all employees.” - Patient

How do I Decide?

Only you can decide what to do but it can be helpful to talk about it with someone you trust. It's a good idea to talk with those that care about you and want to help you such as your parents, another family member, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, school counselor, religious advisor or trusted adult. It can also be helpful to list the pros and cons about each decision, which Pregnancy Care Center's licensed nurses and patient advocates would be happy to help you with. Click the button below to schedule an appointment.

“The education made us feel well informed and better prepared. The staff was very respectful and kind. We have been here twice and everyone and everything is great.” - Patient 

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