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What Our Medical Clients Say

  • The education I received has helped me feel very confident and secure in my decision - Medical Client

  • I feel very satisfied with the education I received, I came knowing nothing, now I know a lot – Medical Client

  • The education I received was very helpful, I'm feeling much more comfortable about my choice – Medical Client

  • Pregnancy Care Center has a homey feel and the genuine care I received is incomparable – Medical Client

  • At Pregnancy Care Center I had an overwhelming amount of support and care, it was simply amazing – Medical Client

  • The comfort of having someone to listen to me and help guide me was one of the best experiences at Pregnancy Care Center – Medical Client

Pathways Participants

  • I chose to participate in the Pathways Program to learn more to help my girlfriend through the process, to become more educated about caring for my child and girlfriend – Pathways Participant

  • I loved hearing the other moms’ questions and concerns, it made me feel like I wasn’t alone – Pathways Participant

  • What I enjoyed most about the group class experience was that we felt welcomed every time we showed up – Pathways Participant

  • The Pathways classes have been very helpful preparing us for parenthood.  We feel very supported and blessed by Pregnancy Care Center – Pathways Participant

  • I want to thank the staff at Pregnancy Care Center for their help and all the baby things. It’s greatly appreciated – Pathways Participant

  • It was amazing seeing the genuine care from the class presenters – Pathways Participant

  • There was a lot of useful information, the presenters were well-prepared, knowledgeable, and kind – Pathways Presentation 

  • Now that I’ve been through the Pregnancy 101 Class, I feel adequately prepared for my baby’s arrival – Pathways Participant

  • We went through the Pathways program with our first child and felt it would help with our second as well – Pathways Participant

Journey Participants

  • Going through this class, I have now totally changed. I was always down on myself, my life. I never felt good about me. Now I know I am worth something – Journey Participant

  • I had little hope before this class. I now know friendship, God’s love through His people.  I am experiencing hope and joy and peace – Journey Participant

  • Now that I’ve been through the Journey program, I am less burdened, aware now of how deep God’s grace goes. I see myself cleansed of a shameful stain – Journey Participant

Epic Participants

  • I appreciated the topic of Exit strategies and thinking through strategies before I’m in situations that may encourage me to make unhealthy life choices - HVHS Student

  • I’m personally struggling with porn and self-esteem issues, thank you for talking about how I can battle this in my own life and resources that are available to me – HVHS Student

  • The Epic presentation helped me a lot. It’s so great you are willing to talk about big subjects with teens. Not all adults feel it’s important or are willing to discuss these sensitive topics. Thank you! – NVHS Student

  • Thank you for the Epic presentation. Personally, I’m scared to be sexually active because my best friend got a girl pregnant at 15 and now, he is a dad with a 2-year-old boy and he is only 17. Epic just reminded me why I have chosen to not be sexually active, the consequences are too high – High School Student

  • I appreciate the topic on pornography because I am currently struggling with a porn addiction – NVHS Student

  • The Epic presentation about Healthy Relationships- Boundaries and Consent really impacted me. I’m currently in a relationship and I need to make better decisions about boundaries – NVHS Student

  • Epic Challenged me to think critically about my sexual health – NVHS Student

  • Consent and boundaries are important, and understanding how to communicate my consent is the most important thing I learned in relationship to my personal life – GPHS Student

  • The Epic presentations helped me to decide to wait to be sexually active – GPHS Student

  • Thank you for talking about subjects that most educators and adults are unwilling to talk about with teens. Thank you so much for talking very honestly about making healthy life choices and how they can impact our lives – GPHS Student

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