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                                                                           Pregnant? Start with us!

                                                                           Pregnant? Start with us!

                                                                           Pregnant? Start with us!

We're here for You


As a trusted, community-funded, accredited medical center, we are here to offer support, hope and medical care to you so that you can make a fully informed decision about your sexual health or pregnancy. We've been serving Southern Oregon since 1988 and all our services are provided completely free of charge. We have centers located in Grants Pass, Oregon and Cave Junction, Oregon.

To make an appointment online, click HERE or call us at (541) 479-6264. Your Pregnancy Care Center is here for you, so if you have questions or just need to talk with someone, we invite you to email us at help@gppregnancy.com.

This is a safe place and we are dedicated to giving you the best care possible and we provide connections to wonderful local physicians and other community resources. Pregnancy Care Center provides free pregnancy testing, nurse consultations, limited OB ultrasound (in most cases) and verification of pregnancy that can be used to apply for OHP (please note: Pregnancy Care Center does not provide birth control or refer for/perform abortion services). Free pregnancy and early parenting support and education classes are offered through our Pathways program.

If you are sexually active, it is possible to become pregnant even if you are using contraception. If you are experiencing any of the common pregnancy symptoms, it’s important to get an accurate pregnancy test and talk to a medical professional about your situation.

Schedule an appointment to learn important information before ordering an abortion pill, also known as Plan C or RU-486, or scheduling a surgical abortion. This includes receiving confirmation of pregnancy through a laboratory-grade pregnancy test and learning more about your pregnancy including the fetal age, viability and location through ultrasound.


“I feel fantastic about the education I received. I liked best the positivity and compassion of the staff.” - Patient

“I wasn’t rushed. I was listened to.” - Patient

 Grants Pass center open 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Thursday

Cave Junction center open 10:00am to 3:00pm, Monday through Thursday

You Have Options.

Pregnancy Care Center is here to walk with you while you make decisions regarding your pregnancy. Click on any of the links below to obtain more information:

Being a parent can be a wonderful experience, and a child can bring joy into your life. Parenting can also come with challenges no matter what the circumstances. We help new parents, both mom and dad, evaluate their circumstances and develop a plan to meet their needs.

Many women are choosing adoption and are proud about their decision. Some women do not feel ready to parent and see adoption as an option that benefits everyone involved. 

If you are pregnant, you may be considering abortion. We can provide you with important information before scheduling an abortion so you have all the facts and know which procedure you would most likely experience. This includes receiving confirmation of pregnancy through a laboratory-grade pregnancy test and learning more about your pregnancy including the fetal age, viability, and location through ultrasound.