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Pathways Testimonials

“The Pathways classes provided healthy family activities that helped prepare us as a family for a baby” - Amanda


“I got involved with Pathways because I needed to get out of the house. I wanted info on being a new parent. I wanted to be around other moms and make new connections.” - Pathways Participant


“The Pathways classes were something positive for my whole family.” - Pathways Participant

"The genuine care of the people doing the classes is amazing." - Pathways Participant

"We went  through it with our first child and felt it would help with our second as well." 
- Pathways Participant

"It was very encouraging and informative! We are thankful for you!" - Emily

"I want to thank the whole staff of PCC for their accommodating and all the baby things. It’s greatly appreciated." 
- Pathways Participant


“What I enjoyed most about the group class experience was becoming a family” - Pathways Participant


“What I enjoyed most about the group class experience was the facilitators and other moms. The friendships made. The quality time spent. The information. The comradery.  The time slot. Feeling comfortable and NOT judged and included.  All of the bonus stuff like free diapers/wipes/clothes etc. for attending. The positive environment.” - Pathways Participant


“This place is like a second home” - Pathways Participant


“I love you guys, and I can’t say thank you enough” - Pathways Participant


“The Pathways classes are great for new, first time mom, single and just seeking as much information as possible.” - Hannah


“Being a new dad or a DAD in general is scary, so the positive vibes helped and gained that better self confidence.” - Pathways Participant


“The instructor is very respectful and kind. We are first-time parents and this class was extremely helpful and insightful.”- Isaiah


“We’re first-time parents and while we knew the basics, a lot of the topics covered were things we had NO idea about and we were so thankful to learn about (because they’re really important!)” – Madi


“The Pathways classes are great for those who want to learn what’s new with young children and are looking to connect with other moms.” - Pathways Participant


“What I enjoyed most about the Pathways classes was that there was a different topic each week, professional speakers, and food.” - Pathways Participant


“What I enjoyed most about the Pathways classes was all the wonderful, helpful information I have learned from dental to feeding to the sounds they make when they are trying to communicate.” - Pathways Participant


“I enjoyed learning about infant care and what to do if they get ill. I also enjoy asking questions about baby and proper care. Also I enjoy learning about proper equipment to use and the safest way to take care of baby.” - Pathways Participant


“The instructors were really kind and informative. No one was judgy if someone didn’t know something.” - Pathways Participant


“The whole class was fun and very enjoyable to be able to talk and express fears and anxieties.” - Pathways Participant


“I really enjoyed learning about SIDS and the danger of it.” - Pathways Participant


“I enjoyed learning about baby sleep, the doctors, the women guest speakers were all good.” - Pathways Participant


“Love how we get deep into detail, you guys have made me believe there are good fathers out there. You guys do amazing work and give so, so much valid, true, real information. I love how you bring in all the doctors” - Pathways Participant


“The social part of this class is very good for making people comfortable enough to ask questions.” - Pathways Participant


“It’s such an amazing thing you guys do. From the baby clothes to communicating, you all bring real doctors that give up their own free time. That is just awesome. Thank you so much.” - Pathways Participant


“I truly appreciate all of the knowledge and kindness and generosity of everyone at the PCC.” – Madison


“You guys just make it feel like home and make it feel like I’m around family.” - Pathways Participant


“I love this class. Sydney does a great job.” - Pathways Participant