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Pathways - Pregnancy & Early Parenting Support & Education

Pregnancy Care Center offers support and education through the Pathways program. Our goal is to equip you for a healthy pregnancy, but more importantly, to help you become the parent(s) you want to be. Classes are available in Grants Pass and Cave Junction.

All of our services are free – no income or citizenship limitations or requirements. Education classes are open to both mother and father and/or other support person. 

To sign up for classes, or if you would like more information, call
(541) 479-6264 or email pathways@gppregnancy.com. Space is limited.


"The support we get from the PCC is priceless. We came in with nothing and no one. The Pathways classes gave us unparalleled support. When we left the hospital we had everything we needed because I got to come in after class to shop in the boutique." - Lori

“The education I received helped me feel more prepared!” - Madison

"The pathways program saved me so much. I had no clue how to take care of a newborn and had nothing for him. They were there for me in everyway." - Lorraine


We partner with doctors, nurses, counselors and other healthcare professionals in the community to offer in-depth interactive group education classes including:
•    Pregnancy health
•    Childbirth
•    Newborn care
•    Breastfeeding
•    Postpartum care

We also offer life skills classes on topics such as:
•    Goal setting
•    Home management tools
•    Budgeting

(541) 479-6264 or email pathways@gppregnancy.com for a full list of classes available.


Individual support:
•    Our staff is available for individual support and help connecting with community resources.
•    Pathways participants are able to receive donated maternity and baby care items such as diapers, wipes, clothing and more.

Peer support:
•    Pathways groups give you the opportunity to connect with other new parents through this positive shared experience.
•    After your baby comes, we offer additional parenting classes where we encourage each other, problem-solve the challenges you may face as a new mom, and offer continued education on caring for yourself and your baby.

If you would like more information, call (541) 479-6264 or email pathways@gppregnancy.com.

"You helped me when no one else would… what you provide to the community is amazing.” - Pathways Client