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Recommended Reading

Epic Program Recommended Reading

For Teens:

The Bare Facts book cover

The Bare Facts: 39 Questions Your Parents Hope You Never Ask about Sex - Josh McDowell with Erin Davis, 2011 "The culture's answers to your questions about sex will fall short, but that doesn't mean answers can't be found." Honest conversations to address teens’ most common questions about sex. Includes discussion on the Biblical, spiritual aspects of sex as well.

Dating, Relating, Waiting book cover

Dating, Relating, Waiting: God’s Word on Purity Michael Ross and Tess Cox, 2015  "In the words of 17-year old Ben, 'The battle is tough, but God is tougher.' He and other teens have discovered the secret to waiting, and they share it ..." Faith-based approach to dating, communicating, and interacting with the opposite sex. Practical advice on how to pursue romance and purity. 

For Parents:

Hooked book cover

Hooked: New Science on How Casual Sex is Affecting Our Children Joe S. McIlhaney, Jr., MD and Freda McKissic Bush, MD, 2008 "What does a three-pound brain have to do with one's sex life? A lot, actually." New neuroscience research on how sex affects the brain, especially developing teenage brains.

Questions kids ask about sex book cover

Questions Kids Ask about Sex: Honest Answers for Every AgeThe Medical Institute for Sexual Health, Ed. Melissa R. Cox, 2005"Since sexual images saturate today's culture, children will learn about sex somewhere, but research shows that they want to learn from you." Help on how to respond to kids’ questions about sex with age-appropriate, medically accurate information.

The fight of your life book cover

The Fight of Your Life - Jeffrey Dean, 2009 "Your teen is under attack. But you can fight for your teen and win." Why your teen is at risk and what only you can do about it. Faith-based practical approach to communicating with your teen about tough issues.

Unprotected book cover

Unprotected - Miriam Grossman, 2007“This discipline [reproductive health] has been permeated by an ideology promoting permissiveness and experimentation; in order to preserve that ideology, the bar has been lowered. Instead of aiming for disease prevention, as is done in the fight against heart disease or obesity, the goal is risk reduction---aka ‘safer sex’---followed, when it fails to be safe enough, by damage control.”  A campus psychiatrist shares stories, statistics, and data, revealing how maintaining political correctness actually endangers her patients. An honest, impacting read for any parent, teacher, or those who work with young adults.

The Wait book cover

The Wait - DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good, 2016"We live in a culture addicted to instant gratification: the quick hookup, the miracle cure, and the overnight sensation.  The Wait is the remedy for that addiction."  Married Hollywood power couple, producer DeVon Franklin and actress Meagan Good share their storybook relationship and advice they discovered through years of ups and downs in dating and life struggles.  One of the key decisions they made, which helped improve their life and overall relationship, was to wait on sex until marriage and to adhere to God's plan for their love life.  Complete with strategies and practical tips for surviving and thriving until the wait is finally over, The Wait empowers readers as they discover how waiting for sex helps them achieve the love of their life and the life they love!

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