am i pregnant?

Welcome to the Pregnancy Care Center

We are an accredited medical clinic that offers hope, support and medical care to women making decisions about pregnancy.

We regularly refer patients to our local physicians as needed; however, we do not provide birth control, abortion services or referrals.

All of PCC’s services are free of charge. PCC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization for the benefit of the public. Because of financial donations, we have been able to serve our community for over 25 years. We provide hope in the midst of difficult circumstances, and help women make healthy, well-informed choices in line with their own beliefs and values.

We don’t pressure our patients to make any specific decision, but share information in a supportive environment.  We believe women are intelligent, and if given all of the information they need, each one can make the best decision for herself; as she considers those closest to her (partner, family, friends) who are involved.

Pregnancy Care Center is here for you if you have questions or just need to talk with someone. We welcome you to email ( or call us at (541) 479-6264. We will respond as soon as we can during regular office hours.