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Journey Participant Testimonials

“It’s the BEST thing that I’ve ever done for myself.” – Journey Participant


“This Bible study led me to know God, accept His forgiveness and enjoy healing.” – Journey Participant


“It was a safe place where everyone’s confidentiality was respected and honored.” – Journey Participant


“It was such a cleansing process.  I’ve gained so much more self-respect.  I actually like myself now.” – Journey Participant


“I finally let go of the pain, the shame and the grief.  A new chapter of my life has begun.” – Journey Participant


“The Pregnancy Care Center is the safest place I have ever experienced. Open up….it feels amazing to get the garbage out.” – Journey Participant


“My chains are gone… I’ve been set free….” – Journey Participant


“The Journey program helped build my faith.” – Journey Participant


“After going through Journey, I am forgiven, understood, confident and excited to grow in my relationship with the Lord.” – Journey Participant


“Everything was so well thought out…You were all so kind and understanding.  Thank You.” – Journey Participant


“The Journey program exceeded my expectations in so many ways.” – Journey Participant

“The Journey program helped bring healing to my abortions in every way.  It was gentle and thorough.” – Journey Participant


“The Journey leaders are godly women who are dedicated to serve.  They went above and beyond, compassionate, discerning and Bible scholars!” – Journey Participant


“I am a new creature in Christ, forgiven and set free!” – Journey Participant


“Thank you Lord for allowing a safe place for inner healing to blossom.” – Journey Participant


“I am forgiven, chosen and loved.” – Journey Participant


“Until I took this class I was broken and in need of healing.  Now, at the end of my journey, I am completely healed…..in my heart and my head…Praise God!”