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Epic Parent FAQs

“I think everyone, including adults, should look at Epic.” - Scenic 8th grade

“The presenters have a great way with explaining. Also, I learned a lot of new information.” - Inn Sight 11th grade

What is Epic? What is the objective?
Epic is a sexual health program encouraging abstinence, created and provided free of charge by the Pregnancy Care Center of Grants Pass. Epic empowers students to use decision-making strategies to make healthy choices about sex, relationships and abstinence. The presentation includes a realistic look at teen sexual activity and abstinence, as well as understanding of how early sexual activity can affect students’ ability to reach their goals and dreams. The three key elements of Epic are woven throughout the entire presentation: Goal Setting, Critical Thinking and Character Development.
Can I see the program?
Absolutely. Schools in the Grants Pass and Three Rivers districts have copies of the Epic program available at either the district office or schools. Please contact your child’s school to view the program. You are also welcome to visit the Pregnancy Care Center to meet with Epic Coordinator Stacy Lange and view the program. Please contact us at (541) 479-6264 or epic@gppregnancy.com
Does Epic encourage teen sexual activity? 
Epic is an abstinence-encouragement program, encouraging teens to wait to be sexually active.  Students examine how teen sexual activity can affect their lives, goals, and futures. Students learn that it is never too late to choose abstinence. Students are also equipped and encouraged with tools to establish and maintain healthy, safe boundaries in their relationships. 
Will you teach my student about contraceptives, i.e. condoms? Will my student be encouraged to use condoms?  Will you tell my student where to get condoms or birth control?  
Epic does not include instructions or demonstrations of condom use. If your school chooses to include the presentation on sexually transmitted infections and diseases, there is a brief portion on disease prevention. All information comes from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Medical professionals and the CDC present abstinence as the most effective way to prevent STD transmission.  The program does not encourage nor discourage condom use, but provides information from the CDC. When talking about condoms, we use this statement: The CDC website states “consistent and correct use of male latex condoms can reduce (though not eliminate) the risk of STD transmission.” Regarding other forms of birth control, we use this statement: The CDC states “Contraceptive methods that are not mechanical barriers offer no protection against HIV or other STDs.”  We do not tell students where to get contraceptives, but resources in the student booklet include Josephine and Jackson County Departments of Health. 
How graphic is the material?
Epic is intended to be informative, inspiring, and encouraging, not graphic. Our intent is to help students think about these important decisions for themselves, not to make them feel uncomfortable or scare them. If your school opts for the nurse presentation on sexually transmitted infections and diseases, all information comes from the Centers for Disease Control and does not include pictures of anatomy, STDs, sexual acts, pregnancy, or childbirth. All material is designed by educators, parents, and medical professionals to be age-appropriate. Our middle school presentation is appropriate for grades 6-8; our high school presentation is appropriate for grades 9-12.

Will you talk about…?
Epic does not address the following topics:

  • Masturbation
  • Gender Identity or Sexual Preference
  • Abortion

Do you have any connection to Planned Parenthood or any other organization?
Epic is provided by the Pregnancy Care Center of Grants Pass which has no connection to Planned Parenthood or any other organization.  PCC is an accredited medical clinic and a non-profit organization.

How is this program funded?
The Epic program is funded by donations and grants from the Pregnancy Care Center.  It is provided to your student’s school free of charge.

Does my student have to participate?
That is completely up to you. Your school will provide a letter before the scheduled presentation (see link in website). You may opt your student out of the entire program or the nurse presentation on sexually transmitted infections and diseases. Please contact your student’s teacher for information on how to make up any points, assessments, or grades assigned to the Epic presentation.

For any further questions, or to view the entire Epic presentation, please contact our Epic Coordinator at (541) 479-6264 or epic@gppregnancy.com