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Epic Testimonials

 “It made me think about my life and how I want it to go. The program was really cool and helpful.” Rogue River 7th grade

 “It helped me think about the future. I agree, you should wait on sexual activity.” Rogue River 7th grade

 “Helped with the choices I will make in the future and even now.” Illinois Valley High School

“I think it’s a great program because everyone will take something from it whether they know it or not.” Hidden Valley High School

“I am so grateful Epic came to my school because it is important for me and other teens to talk about, discuss, and learn about these things.” Hidden Valley High School

 “Good experience and definitely made me feel more prepared to make good decisions.” Applegate 8th grade

The sexual messages or photos [impacted me most] because I should have listened and done the right thing.” - Fleming Middle, 7th grade

“[What impacted me was] not to have sex as a kid or at the beginning of a relationship.” - Rogue River High School “[What impacted me was] thinking about my life choices and staying committed to what I believe in.” - Rogue River High School

“You guys made my life better, and I know what to do. I can help my friends with stuff they’re dealing with.” - Fleming Middle, 7th grade

 “They listened to us and were realistic.” - North Valley, 12
th grade

“The part about healthy boundaries was really helpful, especially with me having to recently set boundaries with a person in my life.” - New Hope, 12

 “I think that learning about healthy relationships and boundaries impacted me the most because it helped me think about my own life and what I need to figure out for myself.” - Lorna Byrne 8
th grade

“I really enjoyed the abstinence unit.” - North Valley, 11
th grade

“What you do is cool and good for our youth.” - Rogue River High School

“The idea that we all have value and worth [impacted me]. It’s not really seen in today’s society.” - New Hope, 12
th grade

“Abstinence [impacted me most] because I already was going to wait, but now I know all the importance of it.” - Scenic 8
th grade

 “You guys really help high school students and have a great, positive impact on our decision-making.” - Hidden Valley, 12
th grade